We conceptualise, design, and develop cutting edge app products and services for current and future generations
Human Centered Design Approach
We rethink the world by focusing on core human desires and needs, allowing us to make a difference by creating products and services that matter.

Human centered design is all about empathy; creating a deep understanding of the needs and motivations of the people you are designing for.

Therefore we have to rely on our ability to be intuitive and to recognise patterns, to construct ideas that are emotionally meaningful as well as functional.
Human centered design, at its core, is experimental of nature. It is about testing and learning by doing. Because of this the process becomes agile allowing us to find and respond to unpredictabilities in any stage of the design process; whether doing research, designing interfaces or developing software.

We believe that this approach will result in truly innovative products and services that can have a significant positive impact on the lives of our end users.
We offer the full spectrum of app design and development services
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User Research

We conduct thorough user research to get in depth understanding of user’s behaviours, needs, environments and motivations. This allows us to identify design opportunities and in this way provide a basis for product and service design. Research methodologies we use include Card Sorting, Contextual Interviews, Task Analysis, Focus Groups and Personas.

User research is the practice of understanding how design and development will effect the target audience.


When developing a new product it is important to align all business activities such as marketing, sales, business development, product design and product development. In our vision all these elements influence one another and thus are inevitably connected. We can help you support innovation and achieve business objectives by defining a go-to-market strategy for your new products and services.

Industrial Design

Apps are not always stand alone. The value of an app to a customer can increase drastically when combined with a physical product. We can help you design and develop these physical products.

To us industrial design is about the combination of aesthetics and functional characteristics. We have the technical expertise to be able to determine the form and function of a product. What we create is a delicate balance between form and function to create an outstanding design.

Interaction Design

Interaction design defines the structure and behaviour of interactive systems. Based on user research we can create the desired interaction by designing the structure, behaviour and interface. Often interaction design is seen as the interaction between human and computer. We believe it goes beyond that and encapsulates the entire realm of the human, digital and physical world.

In order to test the designed interactions we use methodologies such as first click testing and parallel design. These allow us to determine the best interactions possible.

Software Development

We are able to bring our designs and ideas to life with our in-house software development skills. Our capabilities range from developing rich interactive websites and complex web platforms to mobile apps. We are highly experienced in native iOS and Android development.

Testing has a high priority in the software development process. We work agile and implement analytic software in our products, allowing us to expose possible bugs and design mistakes in an early stage.

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A scalable product is a profitable product. We design and develop for growth and scalability
A selection of our work

Ranger Academy

Ranger Academy is the first e-learning platform built specifically for park rangers and their leadership.

Our job was to take care of the entire design and development of the Ranger Academy platform. We created the back-end, web platform, iOS app and Android app. We also got to experience and see what it is like to be a park ranger, allowing us to make a better product for them.
Easydus Scanner App
Coosto Engegement App


Coosto is an all-in-one social media tool for webcare, publishing and analytics. Working two days a week as app developers at Coosto we are responsible for the improvement and further development of the mobile app for Coosto’s engagement module.

Currently we are also researching possible new app solutions for the customers of Coosto.


Easydus is an all-in-one cloud software package for events, CRM, email-marketing, ticketing, HRM-activities and online payments.

For their ticketing solution Easydus asked us to develop their ticket scanning app. We increased the scanning speed, allowing Easydus customers to work faster when coping with large amounts of people at their events.
Easydus Scanner App
platform Leren2030


Leren2030 is a platform on which projects can be shared that focus on the education of the future. It showcases innovative projects which are the results of collaborations within the brainport region.

In the process of realising this platform, Brendan&MacKenzie was responsible for the back-end development.


LittleLonger is an alarm clock with a twist. A user selects a favourite charity and sets the alarm clock. The next morning, when the alarm sounds and the user presses the snooze button, a self selected amount of money will be donated to the user’s charity of choice.

Sleep a Little Longer and do something great with a small gesture.
LittleLonger Wekker App
Surprisely App


Surprisely is an app that enables messages and pictures to be exchanged specified to a location. Instead of mindlessly chatting, you can consciously leave surprise messages and pictures for friends and family to find in the physical world.

By combining the digital and physical world new opportunities arise.
Brendan&MacKenzie is an App Design Firm founded on the 1st of Januari 2015 by the brothers Nicolas and Terence Nelson. With their combined passion for design and technology they wanted to assist companies in creating compelling app products and services.

From their office on Strijp-S, the creative and cultural heart of Eindhoven, they now provide their services to clients as well as develop and commercialise their own products.
Brendan&MacKenzie loves to work on complex and challenging projects; figuring out how all the pieces fit together to become a coherent, intuitive and functional product or service.

Over the past year, Brendan&MacKenzie has conceptualised and developed unique and user friendly products and services for a range of clients, including companies such as Coosto and EduVenture.

Nicolas MacKenzie Nelson

In 2013 Nicolas received his Masters degree Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. During his studies Nicolas won two international design awards.

Nicolas is driven by creating value through his designs. With a human approach to technology he manages to seamlessly integrate tech into peoples lives; keeping it simple and intuitive.

As a self-taught Android developer Nicolas loves the challenges of small screen designs. He strongly believes in the motto “Not more features, but core features”.
Nicolas Nelson
Terence Nelson

Terence Brendan Nelson

In 2013 Terence received his Masters degree Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. During his studies Terence won a design award.

Terence is a true technology wizard. He instantly understands how things work and grasps the possible positive and negative consequences of new technologies.

Being a perfectionist by nature Terence always seeks excellence in research, design and executability. He’ll go the extra mile to make sure your product is the best. Terence rocks in iOS development.
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